FISHING: Cold snap brief rest for reds

AFTER a magnificent run of weather last week, and a hot bite to go with it, conditions are tipped to cool over the weekend before another big high moves in to restore normal winter transmission, according to Jamie Priest, from Freddy’s Fishing World.

“The cold snap is tipped to move in Thursday afternoon, which may shut things down a bit for a few days, but the high over in WA is massive,” Jamie said.

“I’d be concentrating on sheltered waters this weekend. Then I suggest you get out and hammer your snapper which will move back in.

“Newcastle Harbour has been producing really good bream, tailor and salmon.

“In close off Newcastle, up to one kilometre, there’s still the odd kingfish and lots of snapper, bonito and mac tuna lurking.”

Anthony Kloczko and Sam Headridge are still pinching themselves after a magic day of snapper fishing off Swansea last week.

Joshua Scott got in on the action up at Broughton Island, pulling a PB after going for a flick with his old man.

“Out wider, we’re starting to see bluefin, yellowfin and albacore turning up,” Jamie said.

“Jack Olmos, from Freddy’s Fishing World Erina, lost a yellowfin estimated at 100kg off Terrigal last Wednesday.

“Water temp hasn’t dropped too bad for this time of year.

“I was chasing salmon up at Nelson Bay on Monday and was still getting readings up to 18 degrees.

“The salmon were patchy, which is a big change over the last couple of years.”

Noah Hamilton spun a few up off Newcastle near the Sygna recently.

“Lake Macquarie is producing great flathead and bucketloads of soapy jew fishing under tailor schools,” Jamie said.

“The bream have moved deep and to the south on the lake. Guys are doing really well on blades.”

Freshwater anglers are reminded that you can’t fish for bass and estuary perch in rivers until September 1.

The closure came into effect on June 1. You can target both species in dams.

Bay full of snapper

ROSS Duff, from Salamder Bait and Tackle, reports encouraging action in close and out wide off Nelson Bay.

“There’s lots of snapper about,” Duff said.

“Reds all over the place over the weekend. Edith Breakers was hot. They got them down on Mungo, off Broughton, and around Fishermans Bay and Boat Harbour further south.

“Glen ‘Mullet’ O’Connell was one of the warriors.

“They’re still getting trag off the back of the 21 reef, Bulahdelah wide, and the Gibber.”

Beaches have been fishing well for bream, with Zenith Beach and the Wreck going exceptional, according to Duff.

“Plenty of tailor coming on around dusk on Fingal and One Mile,” he said.

“Been a few white pointers about too. They always turn up when the salmon start to travel.

“Luderick are going ace in the bay. Plenty of them on the breakwalls throughout the bay and main headlands.

“And now that the fresh has cleared bream have been pretty solid too.”

Reds plentiful out wide

SNAPPER fishing out wide off Norah Head has been good, according to Wangi Wangi RSL Fishing Club’s George Matthews.

“We had an outing on the weekend and for the first time in at least three years the deep sea boys took first, second and third over the blokes who fish the lake,” Matthews said.

“Bobby Tadoric and Kenny Webber got just over 27 kilograms of fish between the two of them.

“Bobby’s five snapper went 14.6 kilograms. They got a mowong and leather jackets too, fishing in about 80 metres of water.

“His biggest snapper was 3.4 kilograms. Albert Gauci got an outing record groper of 3.6 kilograms fishing in close off Catherine Hill Bay.”

Things were a bit quieter in the lake, despite ideal conditions, Matthews said.

“I got my bag limit of bream and two flathead. There were a few tailor weighed in but not much more.

“I saw a seal and a white pointer that was probably chasing salmon.

“But I didn’t see too many salmon down the bottom of the lake, even though there’s miles of whitebait about. Balls of them everywhere.”

Matthews reckons Tadoric waited until everyone else had weighed in before producing his bag.

“You usually do that when you’ve got a good catch,” he laughed.

Injury no barrier for fisho

ROBERT Gorseski is a keen rock fisho who nearly always manages to catch a feed off local rock shelves.

But a wrist fracture suffered at indoor soccer a couple of months ago has put him out of action.

The resultant surgery required a wrist splint, but the superb conditions last week were too good to miss.

He got down to a local hot spot near Merewether and sure enough landed a 3.8-kilogram drummer.

“The big one I got definitely gave me a good run,” he said.

“My wrist specialist wouldn’t be happy if he saw me fishing.”

Soft plastics trumps

SOME people remain to be convinced about the merits of soft plastics, but not Paul Lowe who landed a massive flathead first go last week.

“I got it on a Squidgy bloodworm,” Paul reported.

“I was excited because after trying myself without success I had someone teach me how and this was the result.”

Meanwhile, Samuel Richards, 6, from Waratah West caught a beautiful bream recently using a live bloodworm at Tea Gardens Ferry Wharf.

“This was more fun than any video game,” he said to his dad upon landing the fish.

The old man reckons Sam capped off the experience by having a nice fish dinner that evening.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Jayden Grainger caught a 42-centimetre, 900-gram bream off his dad’s mate’s jetty at Coal Point this week.

JUICY JEWIE: Donna Robson wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this mulloway caught on the change of high tide with a fresh squid at Wangi.

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