TOPICS: Finding old school friends with photos

From Wati’s Facebook page HOW do you reach out to old school pals if they’re not on Facebook?

And if you don’t know their married names? This class photo could hold the key.

Fifty years ago, Halina Paczynski and her friends sat their leaving certificate, now the HSC, at St Aloysius Secondary School. It closed in 1979.

State of Origin streaker Wati Holmwood.

Former St Aloysius students left to right all in 3rd row from the front – 1st Maria Temperley, 4th from left is Halina Paczynski, 5th from left is Barbara Whitcher and 8th from left is Janina Sulikowski.

MEMORIES: Former St Aloysius students Halina Paczynski, Barbara Whitcher, Janina Sulikowski and Maria Temperley. Picture: Ryan Osland

Ms Paczynski and some fellow alumni will hold a reunion on Saturday at Wests New Lambton.

“It’s a sense of belonging,” she told Topics, on why they keep in touch.

“A large percentage of the group were from different ethnic backgrounds, and as we age it’s a support network.”

Many of the girls in the class of ’63 came from Polish and Ukrainian families, and there were pockets of Russians, Germans and Belarusians. They would’ve had the best lunches.

A coterie of old classmates has met up every July for the past 10 years and they hope to get more along for the 50th, which starts at noon.

You can see here how Ms Paczynski and her friends looked in their last year of school. They’re hoping some of their classmates will recognise themselves.

You can email [email protected]杭州夜生活m for more information.

Meanwhile, do other readers (of a certain age) still have their school photos? Would people recognise you from school? Share with Topics.

Origin agony endures

HIS boss has a warped sense of humour, but St John’s Cooks Hill reverend Stewart Perry continues to impress Topics with his noticeboard messages.

The Lord saw fit to reward sport’s least gracious winners with another Origin series win on Wednesday night (apparently seven wasn’t enough). So the reverend posted some biblical advice.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering. Congrats Qld.”

That will be our state motto at this rate. Mr Perry confessed to Topics that the message wasn’t his original choice.

“I was going to put ‘How long, O Lord? How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat?’ from Psalm 94. , But that didn’t seem very pastoral,” he said.

On alosing streak

WHAT more can one say about Wati Holmwood, the greased-up specimen of a man who hurtled across the turf in Wednesday night’s Origin decider?

Well, this: Topics has seen his Facebook page. We stumbled on it in the course of our research.

Needing to know what makes such a man tick, we scrolled down Wati’s wall.

He’d posted several fitness videos, with titles like “Spartacus bodyweight workout #3” and “Super Human Strength Pull Ups”.

It’s unclear whether that’s how he stays in shape. But for those wondering whether Wati’s nude intervention was meant to help the home team or the visitors, there may be a clue.

In December, Wati posted a cartoon of a beefy bald guy in a Blues jersey tearing up a maroon flag. Interesting.

Difference of opinion

THE mystery that shrouds the Herald Lost and Found section thickens by the day.

“Lost,” read a notice, this week.

“One argument – Lemon Tree Passage Barber’s Shop.”

Thanks to reader Janette Shipley for spotting it.

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