TOPICS: Pretty good going

RUNNER-up in a beauty contest – it’s a card we never minded getting in Monopoly, and we’ve often thought it would be OK in real life.

But what if you came second twice?

Tegan Martin, from Jewells, came second in Saturday night’s Miss Universe Australia finals. She was also runner-up in 2011.

It’s the first time in pageant history that a contestant has fallen one short twice, but that’s a record the 20-year-old doesn’t mind holding.

“I think in some cases, you see the runner-up go on to have more success,” Ms Martin told Topics.

“It depends how you harness what you’ve learned.”

The 2011 Next Top Model contestant won’t be short of work. She’ll probably head to Paris and pick up more gigs with her modelling agency.

She also has hopes of becoming a TV presenter.

Based on her response to the dreaded general knowledge question at Saturday night’s pageant, we think she’d go all right.

It was about same-sex marriage and whether Australia should legalise it.

Ms Martin said: “I think anyone should be able to commit to whom they choose.”

Which was a bit more eloquent than Miss Utah’s recent: “We need to try to figure out how to create educate better.”

Jackpots go classical

POKER machines, at least the ones we’ve been around, make only two or three sounds.

There’s the victory trill when you get a little win. Makes you feel warm inside. It grows to a slow-building fanfare when you score a feature. We know people who live for that.

The third and least obvious sound is played when you lose. It’s a little whir, not wanting to draw attention to itself. Like a shrug.

Well, things have changed. Here’s reader John Hill, of Williamtown.

“It seems one does not have to go to a symphony concert or patronise the opera to listen to high-brow music,” says Mr Hill.

“Just wander into your local club where new poker machines, when paying certain jackpots, are musically delivering:

1. Land of Hope and Glory (Edward Elgar, 1902)

2. Toreador song from Carmen (Bizet, 1875)

3. Radetzky March (Strauss, 1848).”

Which means, says Mr Hill, that punters can “get sophisticated whilst being mesmerised by mechanical bandits”.

Broadly speaking

THE places a Google search can lead, huh?

Topics read that England cricketer and Australia public enemy Stuart Broad had made laddish remarks about tennis player Andy Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears.

Landed him in hot water, apparently. So we Googled it.

Sure enough, Broad had tweeted: “Don’t really follow tennis, but well done Andy Murray on the quality of your Mrs.”

As we searched, however, we found out more. We’d typed “stuart broad andy” and were about to type “murray” when Google auto-filled our text.

SECOND SECOND: The eloquent Tegan Martin. Picture: Mike Chang

It became “stuart broad andy toy story”. Which led us to a page called “Toy Story Andy & Stuart Broad were separated at birth”.

SPORTING: Toy Story’s Andy seems to have grown to love cricket.

The central idea of which is that Broad is a dead ringer for the kid who owns the toys in the beloved Pixar film. A few readers have also tossed up Malfoy from Harry Potter as a Broad lookalike.

You can judge for yourself when the second Ashes Test starts tonight, on GEM.


BALL WIZARD: Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

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